Court Appointed Attorney-Payment Voucher Information
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Court Appointed Attorney-Payment Voucher Information

Requests and orders for payment of Court-appointed counsel (vouchers/time sheets) will be returned if:

  • An incorrect voucher/time sheet is used. Only the following Oakland County Circuit Court forms will be accepted. 
  • The attorney does not sign the voucher/time sheet.
  • The defendant's name does not appear on the voucher/time sheet.
  • The voucher/time sheet does not contain a Prosecutor Order Number. The Circuit Court does not have access to District Court case numbers.
  • The Prosecutor Order Number is incorrect.
  • The assigned Circuit Court Judge's name is not on the voucher/time sheet. Please do not use the District Court Judge's name or the Visiting Drug Judge's name.
  • The case disposition is not stated on the voucher/time sheet. The County does not pay interim fees unless a bench warrant has been issued.
  • The voucher/time sheet has been altered.
  • Dates of service rendered are not listed on the voucher/time sheet or the attorney uses Xs or check marks instead of dates.
  • Adjourned court dates are included on the voucher/time sheet. The County does not pay for motions, pretrials or adjourned court dates. Trial days are paid only if testimony is taken.
  • Probation violations and/or YTA revocations are listed on the wrong section of the voucher/time sheet. Please read the voucher/time sheet carefully.
  • The request is a double billing.
  • All vouchers must have a Vendor ID.
  • All vouchers must have the correct date of appointment.
Voucher/time sheets are occasionally returned for reasons not listed here. A written explanation stating the reason will accompany such a voucher/time sheet.

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