About Circuit Court

About Circuit Court

The Oakland County Circuit Court is comprised of 19 elected Judges, the Court Administrator's Office, and three divisions - Civil/Criminal, Family, and Business Divisions.

Court Administrator's Office 

 The Court Administrator's Office handles all business operations of the Circuit Court, including personnel, education and training, caseflow management, finance and budgeting, records management, press and media relations, and information management. This office also advises on legal issues affecting court operations.

Civil/Criminal Division Overview

The Civil/Criminal Division handles all Circuit Court civil and criminal matters.
Civil/Criminal Division Judges hear civil cases where alleged damages must exceed $25,000. These cases may involve automobile accidents, personal injury, medical and professional malpractice, hazards involving products, labor issues, written agreements, and land disputes. Civil cases between businesses and/or corporate entities are handled specifically by the Business Court Judges. 

The Civil/Criminal Judges also hear criminal matters involving high misdemeanors and felony charges, including capital offenses. Judges in this division also preside over appeals from district courts and administrative agencies as well as some appeals from the Probate Court.

Family Division Overview 

The Family Division includes the Friend of the Court operations, Judicial Support Services, and Court Services, which encompasses Casework Services, Youth Assistance, the Family-Focused Juvenile Drug Court, the Adult Treatment Court, and the Psychological Clinic. 

Family Division Judges oversee domestic cases involving divorce, child support, and paternity matters.  They also preside over child abuse and neglect cases, juvenile delinquency matters, conservatorship and guardianship proceedings, and handle Personal Protection Orders and adoption matters.  

Business Division Overview 

The Business Division was created as a direct result of the administrative merger of the Circuit and the Probate Courts.  This division is responsible for the development and delivery of business and administrative support services for both Courts, and includes the Administrative/Financial Unit, Data Technology Unit, and the Court Resource and Program Specialist.  The Business Division oversees the Courts' budget, including funds for various drug and sobriety courts as well as funds for the care of court wards. 

NOTE: In October of 2000, some of the administrative and business functions of the Circuit Court and Probate Courts merged. The preparations for the merger began 1998 when the Family Division was moved to the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court.