As stated in Local Administrative Order  Order 2014-08  "In order to preserve and maintain the integrity of court records and to prevent unreasonable interference with the discharge of court functions, persons will not be permitted to copy or otherwise duplicate court records using their own equipment."

Video linked on this page is for viewing only and records should not be copied or otherwise duplicated. 

Media AdvisoryFilm or Electronic Media Coverage of Court Proceedings request must be filed three (3) days prior to the proceeding in accordance with MSC AO 1989-1(2)(a)(i) by using the following form


Judge Alexander

Judge Anderson
8/5/2020 Recording 1

Judge Brennan

Judge Chabot

Judge Cunningham

Judge Gant

Judge Gorcyca

Judge Grant 

Judge Jarbou

Judge Kumar

Judge Langford Morris

Judge Langton 

Judge Matis
8/5/2020 Recording 1

Judge Matthews

Judge McDonald

Judge McMillen

Judge O'Brien

Judge Warren 


Referee Barnes

Referee Bilson

Referee Chard
8/5/2020 Recording 1 

Referee Garthoff

Referee Hand

Referee Harris

Referee Mallett
8/5/2020 Recording 1

Referee O'Meara