Case Type Codes

Case Type Codes



AA         Administrative Agencies                              efiled
AE         Employment Security Commission              efiled
AH         Habeas Corpus                                            efiled
AL          Licensing and Vehicles                                efiled
AP         Parole Board Decisions  
AR         Criminal Appeals                                          efiled
AS         Superintending Control                                 efiled
AV         Civil Appeals                                                 efiled
AW        Writs    



AX         Extradition/Detainer    
FC         Capital Felonies   
FH         Noncapital Felonies   
FJ          Juvenile Felonies   



ND         Property Damage                                           efiled
NF         No-Fault Automobile Insurance                      efiled
NH         Medical Malpractice                                        efiled
NI           Personal Injury                                               efiled
NM         Other Professional Malpractice                      efiled
NO         Other Personal Injury                                     efiled
NP         Products Liability                                            efiled
NS         Liquor Control                                                 efiled
NZ         Other Damage Suits                                       efiled
CB         Business Claims                                             efiled
CC         Condemnation                                                efiled
CD         Employment Discrimination                            efiled
CE         Environment                                                    efiled
CF         Forfeiture Claims                                             efiled
CH         Housing and Real Estate                                 efiled
CK         Contracts                                                          efiled
CL         Labor Relations                                                 efiled
CP         Antitrust, Franchising & Trade Reg                   efiled
CR         Corporate Receivership                                    efiled
CZ         General Civil                                                      efiled
PC         Restore/Establish/Correct Records                   efiled
PD         Claim and Delivery                                            efiled
PR         Receivers in Supplemental Proceedings          efiled
PS         Supplemental Proceedings                               efiled
PZ         Miscellaneous Proceedings                               efiled


Family/Domestic Relations

DC        Custody        
DM        Divorce, Minor Children  
DO        Divorce, No Children  efiled, post-initiation
DP        Paternity    
DS        Other Support   
DZ        Other Domestic Relations Matters 
UD        Assist with Discovery  
UE        UIFSA Establishment  
UF        UIFSA Filing   
UI         UIFSA Initiation   
UM       UIFSA Registration of Orders for Modifications
UN       UIFSA Registration of Orders for Enforcement
UT       Transfer UIFSA   
UW      Registration of Income Withholding Orders



DJ        Designated Juvenile Offenses    
DL        Delinquency Proceedings  
JG        Juvenile Guardianship  
NA        Child Protective Proceeding  
PJ         Personal Protection brought under Juvenile Code
TL         Traffic and Local Ordinance  



EM        Emancipation of Minor    
ID          Infectious Disease   
NB        Safe Delivery of Newborn Child 
NC        Name Change   
PH        Personal Protection Against Stalking 
PP        Personal Protection in Domestic Relationship
PW       Waiver of Parental Consent to Obtain Abortion
VF        Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care 
VP        Violation Proceedings on Out-of-County PPO