Oakland County District Courts and Judges:
Courts handle misdemeanor violations, most traffic related matters, and preliminary examinations on felony cases. Jurisdiction includes civil actions not exceeding $25,000.

Oakland County Circuit Court and Judges:
Court handles civil and criminal cases and appeals from the District and Probate Courts. Jurisdiction includes Family Division and Friend of the Court. (Juror Information)

Family Division (Circuit Court):
Handles divorce, child custody, adoptions, juvenile delinquency, abuse and neglect, personal protection orders, minor conservatorships and guardianships. The Family Division is comprised of six Circuit Court judges.

Friend of the Court (Circuit Court/Family Division):
Handles specific areas of domestic relations. It administers the SMILE Program for divorced couples with children. Friend of the Court Referees are assigned from the Circuit Court -- see Family Division Assignments.

Oakland County Probate Court:
Handles decedent estates, guardianships, conservatorships, mental health and trust matters. (Probate Judges)