Judge On-Line: Frequently Asked Questions
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Judge On-Line: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Judge On-Line?

Judge On-Line is a telephone conferencing program offered by the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court in Oakland County and Oakland County Probate Court as an alternative to face-to-face court hearings in an effort to save time and money, to provide flexibility in scheduling and to resolve cases more efficiently.

When can I use Judge On-Line?

The service is designed especially for conferences - including scheduling, status, pretrial and settlement conferences - as well as motion hearings and other miscellaneous court proceedings at the discretion of the presiding judge.

I would like to use the Judge On-Line service. How do I start?

You MUST call the chambers of the judge presiding over your case and request approval for a telephone conference.  For civil/criminal and probate matters, the request must be made at least seven days prior to the event.  After approval by the judge, you must then notify the opposing party and ask whether the opposing party would like to participate.  The opposing party then has four days prior to the event to make a request to chambers.  For family division matters, requests for approval must be made at least four days prior to the event.
Under special circumstances and at the judge's discretion, a request made in fewer days may be granted.

The judge approved my request for a telephone conference. Now what?

You must submit a written request form to the Case Management Office and serve a copy to the opposing party.
Please note that service of your Judge On-Line request form will not satisfy the service requirements of either MCR 2.116 or MCR 2.119.   

Where can I get a request form?

Request forms are available electronically at the Judge On Line page or may be picked up in person at the Case Management Office, located at 1200 N. Telegraph in Pontiac.

I've filled out my request form. What's the next step?

Completed request forms may be submitted in person to the Case Management Office, by mail addressed to the Case Management Office, Building 12 East, 1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Dept. 404, Pontiac, MI 48341-0404, by email to judgeonline@oakgov.com or by fax at (248) 858-9573.

Is there a fee to use the Judge On-Line service?

Yes.  A $30 non-refundable convenience fee is charged per participating phone number, and payment should be made at the time the request form is submitted.  If payment is made in person, the Case Management Office will accept cash, check, money order or credit card.  There is an enhanced access fee if you choose to pay by credit card.  Mail request should be accompanied by a check or money order.

What happens after I've submitted my request and paid the fee?

Once the request has been granted and the teleconferencing date has been confirmed, you will be contacted by the judge's chambers to determine the best phone number at which to reach you on the date of the scheduled matter.  You will also be provided with a time window wherein you should be prepared  to take the judge's call on the date of the scheduled matter.

What should I do on the date of the scheduled telephone conference?

On the date of the teleconference, all participants must be prepared to accept an incoming call from the judge's chambers at a pre-determined time.  When the judge is ready to hear the matter, the participants will be connected and a teleconference will be conducted by the judge on the record.

I have completed the teleconference. What happens next?

Any orders resulting from the teleconference must be submitted the same day by email to the judge's clerk by 4 p.m.  If an order is not submitted the same day, the order must be stipulated to by the parties or submitted pursuant to the seven-day rule, MCR 2.602(A)(3).

I have more questions. Is there someone I can contact for more information?

For more information about Judge On-Line, please contact Case Management Office by email at judgeonline@oakgov.com or at (248) 858-0351.