Instructions for using Judge On-Line
Oakland County, MichiganCourtsInstructions for using Judge On-Line

Instructions for using Judge On-Line

Thank you for choosing Judge On-Line.  The following step-by-step instructions will help you in using the system.



1)    Contact Judges Chamber to obtain approval: You must call the chambers of the judge presiding over your case and request approval for a telephone conference. 

-         Civil/Criminal - Initial request must be made at least seven days prior to the event, subsequent requests by any opposing party must be made within four days prior to the event.

-         Family Division requests for approval must be made at least four days prior to the event.

-         Probate Court – Initial request must be made at least seven days prior to the event. Each chamber will process the request pursuant to their judge’s protocol and the judicial clerks will instruct the requesting party of additional necessary steps. 


2)    Notify All Parties to the Case:  You must then notify the opposing party and/or all interested parties of your intent to use the JOL program. The responsibility for notification of all parties to the case rests with you, the requesting party.  You may accomplish this notification however you wish but it should allow that party the ability to also make a timely request to participate and must comply with any specific instructions given by judicial chambers.  Should you wish you may use the notification form provided for your convenience ( ).  


3)    Fill out the JOL request form:


4)    Submit the request form: Completed forms must be submitted to The Case Management Office either electronically at or by fax to 248-858-9573, by mail, or in person.  Probate Court requests will be held pending payment of fee. 


5)    Pay the fee: You may pay for your Judge On-Line (JOL) Proceeding by check, cash, or if you wish, you may pay by credit card online (no payments will be accepted over the phone).  Please allow time for your payment to be processed prior to the date of the proceeding. 


6)    Confirm Participation: The day prior to your proceeding, you will be contacted by the Judge’s Chambers to confirm your participation, the DIRECT phone line at which you may be reached, and a time frame during which you will be expected to be available to receive your JOL call. 


7)    Accept Call: Chambers will contact you at the pre-arranged time.  They will make two attempts to reach you.  If they are unable to reach you, your participation via Judge on Line may be considered waived.  The same applies to lost or dropped calls.  It is highly recommended that whenever possible, you be available at a land-line in order to avoid this happening.