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Circuit & Probate Court Zoom Information

​During the COVID-19 Health Emergency the courts are holding many essential matters via Zoom online video conferencing. 

If you are scheduled to participate via Zoom please see the resources below. 

If you wish to request that a case you are involved in allow you to participate via Zoom please contact the chambers of the assigned judge. 

If you are a member of the public and wish to observe a case event please see the protocol of the judge assigned to the case for information on how public access is being made available. 

Circuit Court Judge information can be found at https://www.oakgov.com/courts/circuit/judges/Pages/default.aspx

Probate Court Judge information can be found at https://www.oakgov.com/courts/probate/judges/Pages/default.aspx  

COVID-19 Jury Trials should complete the Trial Tech Form.pdf
 To complete the PDF form above you will need to use a viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or a browser that supports the use of fillable forms. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for many platforms including mobile devices.

Zoom Practices:

Parties are reminded that Zoom video conferences being conducted by the court are an extension of the court and appropriate location as well as appearance is required. Participants should be in a quiet location without distractions. 

Under NO circumstances should you participate in a Zoom conference while operating a vehicle.

Parties participating in or observing court hearings via Zoom are NOT allowed to record, stream, or otherwise reproduce the audio or video from the event.  This includes screenshots as well as the use of screen recorders and photo, video, or audio recording devices. Violation may result in sanctions and/or restrictions on future participation in Zoom hearings.

Appropriate dress is always required to participate in a court Zoom hearing.

It is advised that parties who are participating identify themselves appropriately. Zoom will identify participants by the name on the device they are calling from or the name on the Zoom account, if applicable, that is being used. This can include the phone number of the device which will be shown to other participants. Please ensure that the name you are known by in respect to the case is the name that displays. If you are a member of the public you may wish to choose "Public" as your name. If you need assistance in changing the name that appears during your hearing please ask the clerk.

Virtual backgrounds may be used but must be professional and not distracting to other participants.

Participants should keep the device they are using on a stable flat surface not held in their hand.

Your proceeding may be terminated if the above practices are not followed or if the audio video quality is not acceptable.


 Zoom Information:

           Desktop PCs and Laptops:  Go to the Zoom Web Site (zoom.us). Click on "Join a Meeting".  Join using the Meeting   ID provided by the court. If prompted enter the zoom passcode provided by the court.

           Tablets and Phones (Apple and Android):   Install the free Zoom App from the App Store or Play Store prior to the call.  At the time of the call launch the Zoom app and join using the Meeting ID provided by the court and if provided, the zoom passcode when prompted.

           Audio-only via Telephone:   Call (646) 876 9923 or (669) 900 6833 and connect using the meeting id, and the zoom passcode if prompted.

Please be aware that all court Zoom conferences utilize a "Waiting Room" feature and participants will be brought into the conference when their case is ready. Your case may not be called at the exact time on the notice depending on availability of all parties and other scheduled events. 

Participants should be familiar with how to mute and unmute microphones as well as turn their cameras video on and off.

Only one microphone should be in use at a time. If you call in on a telephone please ensure you have muted the microphone on any other devices such as a computer.

Participants are encouraged to use headphones to assist in reducing ambient noice and feedback.   

If you would like to test your equipment or connection prior to the event please email CircuitCourt@Oakgov.com or ProbateCourt@Oakgov.com or contact the chambers of the assigned judge or hearing officer.

Zoom works best with high speed internet. Cellular only connections for video conferencing are NOT recommended for court events. Please check the internet and, if applicable, the cellular connection strength prior to your event. Please view the map for Public WiFi Hotspot locations in Michigan.

You may visit https://Zoom.us for additional information, help, and training opportunities.