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Oakland County Jury Service

    Potential jurors who receive a summons after September 15th, 2017 for either the Oakland County Circuit Court, Oakland County Probate Court, or Oakland County District Courts may be able to complete juror questionnaires online. In addition jurors can opt to receive communications about their service by email or text. The phased in implementation will begin with the first eResponse summons mailings in September with more courts being added through November. If you have received a summons that indicated you could complete your questionnaire online please use the "Complete Juror Questionnaire" button above to continue to the eResponse portal or go to https://eresponse.oakgov.com. You will need the 10 digit participant number from your summons as well as the zip code shown on its mailing address.               

District Courts

Please refer to the list of courts found here for more information on District Court Jury Service.


 Frequently Asked Questions

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I received a summons what do I do?,

​The fastest and most efficient way to respond to your summons is by using the eResponse online questionnaire. To do so please click on the the green Complete Juror Questionnaire button. You will need the juror number from your summons and your home zip code to access the system. Please note the court will never ask for your social security number or other personal information.

How will I know if I have to serve as a juror?,

There are several  ways to check on your status. When you complete the juror questionnaire you ​will have the option to provide an email and cell phone number*. If you choose to do so, the eResponse system will send you an email and/or text message that will inform you of required reporting. You may also call the interactive voice repsponse system to check the night prior to your scheduled service to confirm as well or in advance and request a phone call to notify you of required service.

*Please note that reporting for jury service is required and confirming the need to report is the responsibility of the juror. If you enter an invalid phone or email address you will not receive a notification but will still be required to report. Entry of invalid information is not an allowed excuse.

How do I submit documentation for a deferral or excusal request?,

​When requesting that your jury service either be deferred to a later date or excused all together you will need to provide copies of the appropriate documentation such as a doctors note, proof of residency, or copy of drivers license.

For Circuit & Probate Jurors: You can fax documentation to 248-858-8759 or email OaklandJury@Oakgov.com and attach it as a .PDF .

For District Court Jurors: You can fax documents to 248-858-0830 or email Jury@Oakgov.com and attach as a .PDF .

 Juror News

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