Sheriff's Office Work Release

Sentenced - Felony - Misdemeanors​

MCLA 28.1747 states that courts may grant day parole to jail inmates for several purposes, including employment. The Sheriff's Office administers and monitors the Work Release Program through an electronic GPS tether, which allows the offender to return to his/her home each night, rather than the jail. This allows offenders to maintain their employment status, while providing accountability as to their whereabouts.


  • Misdemeanor and felony offenders are eligible except as noted below.
  • Offenders must have verifiable employment and means of transportation.
  • Both male and female offenders are eligible.
  • Work Release Status must be ordered by the court.
The following are NOT eligible for Work Release:

  • Offenders with a felony detainer
  • Offenders with warrants/holds from other jurisdictions
  • Offenders serving sentences for Criminal Sexual Conduct (1st/2nd/3rd/4th degrees); Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (current charge); Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Penetration; Stalking; Escape/Attempt to Escape; Child Sexual Abuse/Distribution of Obscene Materials to Children
  • Any other charge(s) deemed inappropriate for the program 
Guidelines for the Work Release Tether Program:

  • Individuals must be sentenced by the Court to participate.
  • A letter of employment must be provided to WRTP staff before being released into the program. It must be printed on company letterhead, showing the Company name, address (no PO boxes) and phone number. The body of the letter must include the participant's full name, brief job description, wage, actual work days (including start/end times) and the name/title of the person responsible for the participant's employment.
  • A work inclusion zone will be established in regards to the job site, and will be monitored to ensure that the worker is arriving and departing from work in accordance with the schedule that has been established.
Costs/Fees for the WRTP Program:
  • $220.00, which includes a $75.00 enrollment fee and $145.00 for the first 10 days, followed by a daily fee of $14.50
  • Soberlink Tether: $280.00, which includes a $75.00 enrollment fee and $205.00 for the first 10 days, followed by a daily fee of $20.50
  • Transdermal Alcohol Tether: $325.00, which includes a $75.00 enrollment fee and $250.00 for the first 10 days, followed by a daily fee of $25.00
Once the Program Services staff has received the employment letter and initial fees, they can begin the process of securing the tether and releasing the inmate into the WRTP.

Participants in the WRTP MUST strictly follow all restrictions regarding their time and location, and shall NOT engage in any illegal activity during this period.

All individuals sentenced to the WRTP shall not use or possess illegal drugs or consume alcohol while in the program. Monitoring will be conducted by the Sheriff's RESULTS Program (testing sites in Pontiac and Troy) at the participant's own expense. If an alcohol-monitoring device is used, the participant must comply with the rules provided by the monitoring service agency. 

Any failure to test, or a positive urinalysis/breathalyzer test, will result in termination from the WRTP and a return to the Oakland County Jail to serve the remainder of the sentence.

For questions or additional information, contact the WRTP at 248-858-5093 or 248-858-2464 or via email or by visiting the Oakland County Sheriff's website.