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LESP - Life Employment and Skills Program

Sentenced - Misdemeanor

A Cognitive Behavioral Program using the "Thinking Matters" Curriculum

This program is designed for in-custody misdemeanor offenders and uses a cognitive restructuring approach that teaches offenders how to identify anti-social thinking patterns that lead to repeated, illegal, negative, or destructive behaviors and assists them in developing new thinking patterns that establish pro-social core attitudes and beliefs through thinking reports and role rehearsals.

Inmates who are sentenced to, and successfully complete, the program may receive up to a 25% reduction in their jail term. Program participants meet daily over a four-week period for a minimum of twenty 90-minute sessions. The program has open enrollment with eligible offenders starting at the beginning of each week.


  • Misdemeanor offenders with at least a jail sentence of at least 60 days.
  • Offenders may be removed from or denied entry into the program due to inmate behavioral issues.

There is no cost incurred by the offender. Funded by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

Additional information can be provided by calling 248-858-5093 or via email.

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