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ATI - Alternative to Incarceration

Pretrial - Sentenced - Misdemeanor

Alternative to Incarceration (ATI) facilities offers a community-based, 24 hour-a-day supervised sentencing alternative for use by District Court Judges. Individuals sentenced to ATI must adhere to strict supervision and behavior standards, participate in various therapeutic interventions (e.g., substance abuse and/or mental health counseling), and may be required to contribute financially to their care once employed. ATIs are encouraged to establish partnerships with community agencies to further assist offenders in meeting multiple needs. Oakland County Community Corrections currently has contracts with various treatment facilities.


  • Male and female, misdemeanor offenders, 17 years or older, who are authorized by the Oakland County Community Corrections Division.
  • ATI may be used as part of a structured sentence whereby the offender serves some jail time before being released to the program.
    • In these instances, program placement and transportation are coordinated by Community Corrections with the individual program.
  • Some programs reserve the right to refuse offenders based on their medical condition or charge.

Funding is provided by Oakland County Community Corrections Division and/or Oakland County Community Health Network.

Each individual center has policies regarding visitors, what a resident can bring and residents maintaining employment during their treatment.  Please contact the appropriate center for their policies. Click here for ATI contact information.

For authorization, fax an ATI Referral Form to the Community Corrections Division. For additional questions, contact Janet Yosick at 248-451-2337 or via email.