Advisory Board

​The Oakland County Community Corrections Advisory Board (OCCCAB) was successful at securing funding from the State in 1994, for it’s Comprehensive Plan.  Since then, the OCCCAB has developed a strong collaboration and cooperation from all components of the criminal justice system in Oakland County.  The plan is updated each year in order to review the effectiveness of existing programs, as well as to create new programs as needed.

The Oakland County Community Corrections Division provides a wide array of sentencing alternatives for all types of non-violent offenders.

Board Members

Barbara M. Hankey - Executive Office / Staff Liaison
Manager Community Corrections

Mark Newman - Executive Office / Director
Oakland County Community Corrections

Honorable Phyllis C. McMillen - Board Chair
Oakland County 6th Circuit Court Judge

Honorable Fred Mester - General Public
Retired Oakland County 6th Circuit Court Judge

Chief Thomas Lindberg - Chief of Police
Milford Township ​ ​

Shelley Taub - Commissioner Oakland County ​

Mona DeFrancesco - Business Community
MICHIGAN WORKS! Career Center ​

Honorable Kelley Kostin - 52-2 District Court Judge

​Brock Dietrich - MDOC
Oakland County Region Manager ​ ​

Gwynne Starkey - 6th Circuit Court Administration

​Lisa Dunn - Community Liaison Oakland Community Health Network ​

​​Lt. Melissa McClellan - Oakland County Sheriff Office

​Jack Holmes - Attorney at Law ​

Paul Walton - Oakland County Prosecutor's Office ​ ​

​Christina Nicholas - Administrator
Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Services, Oakland Community Health Network

Earl Burton – Justice Fellow Michigan Liberation