Step Forward Intake & Assessment Unit
Oakland County, MichiganCommunity CorrectionsStep Forward Intake & Assessment Unit

Step Forward Intake & Assessment Unit

Pretrial - Sentenced - Felony - Misdemeanor ** PA511 Eligible Charges**

Program Information

Clients referred to Step Forward for services are required to complete a screening and assessment. This intake unit utilizes the most advanced risk and need assessment tool available - COMPAS (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions) - developed by Northpointe, Inc. This assessment tool allows for making defensible decisions using two risk scales - Violence and Recidivism.

Based on the comprehensive evaluation of the client's past criminal history, criminal associates and peers, substance abuse, financial problems, education, criminal thinking, and social environment, the clients need and eligibility for Step Forward services is determined. Once eligibility is determined the client is enrolled in Step Forward and assigned a Step Forward Case Manager who will develop a treatment/case plan based on the client's need(s). Offenders who are deemed not eligible for Step Forward services will be given referrals to other agencies as appropriate.

Ineligible PA511 Felony Offenses

Eligibility Any offender charged or convicted of a misdemeanor or non-violent felony charge may be referred for an intake and assessment

Upon completion of the assessment, a $25 fee for clients that are eligible for Step Forward services is due at the Step Forward Intake appointment. 

  • Payments made at either of our locations (Pontiac or Troy) must be made with a money order payable to OCCCD
  • or Pay Online* (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover)

*Note that online payments are subject to an Enhanced Access Fee


Referral Process Referring agents will complete the Step Forward Referral form, print and fax to the appropriate Step Forward location (below).  The client must contact Step Forward within 24 hours of the referral to schedule their intake/assessment appointment.

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         Phone: 248.451.2310     FAX 248.451.2349


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         Phone: 248.655.1260     FAX 248.655.1278

**Additional information can be provided by calling 248-451-2310 option 1**