Pretrial Supervision Unit

Pretrial Supervision Unit

Pretrial - Felony - Misdemeanor

Program Information

The Pretrial Supervision Unit (PSU) offers a supervision component for judges to monitor pretrial defendants to ensure compliance with conditions of release imposed by the judicial officer, to ensure the defendant's appearance at court, and for the benefit of public safety. The defendant is held accountable through regular reporting to a PSU case manager. Those defendants who require closer supervision may be placed on electronic monitoring. Progress and compliance with conditions of release are continually evaluated and reported to the court by the PSU case managers.

Defendants are interviewed by a Pretrial Services Investigator at which time if the court has ordered him/her to participate in the PSU, the investigator will have the defendant sign a Release Contract, assign the defendant with a PSU case manager and a number to call within 48 hours of their release. At their first contact with the PSU case manager the case manager will verify the clients demographic information, their imposed bond conditions, and explain what is expected of the defendant to be in compliance with their enrollment in the PSU.

If the defendant is required to submit to random drug and/or alcohol testing per their bond conditions, the PSU case manager will set them up with a testing facility. The PSU case manager can also assist offenders in obtaining residential treatment in lieu of pretrial incarceration for their substance abuse needs.
Offender Requirements Any defendant:
  • charged with a felony offense
  • charged with either Domestic Violence or OUIL II
  • who is arrested while on bond
  • who has been arrested on a fail to appear warrant regardless of the underlying charge
  • who remains in the county jail for more than 5 days unable to post bond
Cost There is no cost for pretrial supervision, however the defendant is responsible for costs associated with drug testing, electronic monitoring and / or counseling fees, if imposed.
Contact **Further information can be provided by calling 248-451-2310**