Pretrial Supervision Unit

Pretrial Supervision Unit

Pretrial - Felony - Misdemeanor

Program Information

The Pretrial Supervision Unit  (PSU) offers supervision of pretrial defendants to ensure compliance with conditions of release imposed by the judicial officer. Defendants ae required to report depending on their level of risk acording to the Praxis, a pretrial risk assessement tool.  Those defendants who require more intense supervision may be placed on electronic monitoring (See Electronic Monitoring Devices).  Progress and compliance with conditions of release are continually evaluated and reported to the court for scheduled court appearances by the PSU case managers.

Every defendant recieves court reminder phone calls four days and one day prior to scheduled events.

Offender Requirements Any defendant charged with a misdemeanor or felony and has been ordered by the court to Pretrial Supervision
Cost There is no cost for pretrial supervision, however the defendant is responsible for costs associated with drug testing, electronic monitoring and / or counseling fees, if imposed as a condition.
Contact **Further information can be provided by calling 248-451-2310 option 5 / email:**