Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services

Pretrial - Felony - Misdemeanor

Program Information

To provide judicial officers with information regarding release suitability of eligible arrestees while ensuring public safety.

Pretrial Services (PTS) is a unit of the Oakland County Community Corrections Division established in 1987 with the primary mission of screening the adult pretrial arrestee population for release suitability in accordance with MCR 6.106. PTS provides the court with neutral, non-adversarial, and accurate information at initial court appearance hearings, as well as at any subsequent court appearance where bond and/or conditions of release are being reviewed. It is the goal of the unit to maximize defendant release rates at the earliest possible time after arrest, while minimizing failure to appear and re-arrest rates.

The goal is achieved through a comprehensive screening process. PTS investigators interview adult felony and misdemeanor arrestees (at the Oakland County Jail, local police lockups, or holding areas) in order to:
  • gather and verify information pertinent to release eligibility including: 
    • employment history
    • educational background
    • length of residence
    • criminal history
    • substance abuse/mental health
  • conduct a complete computerized record check including District and Circuit Court records, Probate records, Secretary of State, and LEIN
  • review local law enforcement and court records, including probation and parole information, prior juvenile arrests, as well as any outstanding warrants
The information obtained during the interview is then verified for accuracy. Contact with references, family members, schools, employers, probation and parole officers, and others are pursued by the investigators. The verified information is then compiled into a written report which is made available to the judge, defense attorney, prosecutor, and probation officer. This report also contains a recommendation as to the release suitability of the defendant. If a defendant is at risk to fail to appear, or to be involved in pretrial misconduct, conditions of release may be ordered. These conditions may include:
  • participation in substance abusing testing or counseling
  • refrain from the use of alcohol and/or drugs
  • surrendering of a driver's license or passport
  • maintain or seek employment
  • do not enter specified premises, or have contact with a specified person
  • participate in Electronic Monitoring
Conditions of pretrial release may require defendants to report to the Pretrial Services Supervision Unit to ensure compliance with those conditions. Violations or non-compliance of release conditions are reported to the court and prosecutor.

In addition to an initial interview, report, and recommendation, PTS also provides a preliminary sentencing guideline score (SGL) to indicate probability of confinement for felony defendants at the time of exam in District Court and/or arraignment at Circuit Court.


Any defendant charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense


No cost for Pretrial Services, however, the defendant will be responsible for electronic monitoring fees, the cost of drug and/or alcohol testing fees and/or counseling fees, if imposed.

**Further information can be provided by calling 248-452-2155 or 248-655-1276**

Investigator Contacts


​Pretrial Supervision Unit 248-451.2310
Pretrial Services Administration 248-655-1276
Oakland County Jail Office 248-452-2155
​43rd District Court Ferndale​​ ​248-584-2587
43rd District Court Hazel Park​
45A District Court Berkley​ 248-691-7409​
45B District Court Oak Park 248-691-7409
46th District Court Southfield 248-796-5848
47th District Court Farmington 248-871-2939
50th District Court Pontiac 248-758-3861
51st District Court Waterford 248-674-4655 ext. 5011
52-1 District Court Novi 248-305-6452
52-2 District Court Clarkston 248-625-4888 ext. 251
52-3 District Court Rochester 248-537-3692
52-4 District Court Troy 248-528-8503