CPI - OPSTOP (Community Programs Inc, Operation Stop Program)
Oakland County, MichiganCommunity CorrectionsCPI - OPSTOP (Community Programs Inc, Operation Stop Program)

CPI - OPSTOP (Community Programs Inc, Operation Stop Program)

Sentenced - Felony


Program Information

A short-term (72 hour) residential treatment episode intended to
inconvenience the offender's lifestyle, interrupt his/her drug and alcohol using or other violating behaviors, and reinforce the Circuit Court's orders of Probation.
Program Features Program features include:

  • intake assessment
  • interactive therapy methods
  • therapeutic assignments focusing on relapse prevention
  • aftercare referrals, if indicated
  • room and board
  • 24 hour staffing in a closely monitored treatment facility
  • PBT and contraband searches
  • written discharge summary including an assessment of offender's conduct while at CPI
  • prognosis and aftercare recommendations
Eligibility Non-violent male and female offenders 17 years or older whose drug/alcohol using or other behavior is in violation of his/her referring order of Circuit Court probation
Charge Appropriateness Any felony charge
Cost A charge of $142.50 paid by the offender upon admission (Cash, Visa and Mastercard accepted)
Contact **Further information can be provided by calling CPI at 248-406-0090**