Central Intake and Assessment
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Central Intake and Assessment

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Program Information

The goal of the Central Intake and Assessment Unit is to screen and assess all jail detainees to determine their eligibility and suitability for Community Corrections programs, and other alternative programs. The Central Intake and Assessment Unit was established as part of Oakland County's Comprehensive Plan for the purpose of providing assessments to determine the needs of incarcerated inmates. This intake utilizes COMPAS (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions), the most advanced risk and need assessment tool available developed by Northpointe, Inc. This assessment tool allows for making defensible decisions using four risk scales – Violence, Recidivism, Failure to Appear and Non-Compliance). This assessment will encompass the following areas:

  • background information
  • mental health and substance abuse problems
  • matching offender's needs with available treatment and/or rehabilitative programs
  • public safety
  • offender's willingness to participate in prescribed programming
Once an inmate's eligibility has been determined, the information is forwarded to the Court and/or Probation Department to be included as part of the Pre-Sentence Investigation recommendation.
Alternative Programs
Contact **Further information can be provided by calling 248-858-4034**