Alternative Incarceration Centers (AIC)
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Alternative Incarceration Centers (AIC)

Sentenced - Felony - PA511 Charges

Program Information

AIC's offer a community-based, 24 hour-a-day supervised sentencing alternative for use by Circuit Court Judges. Individuals sentenced (for a non-violent felony offense) to an AIC must adhere to strict supervision and behavior standards, participate in various therapeutic interventions (e.g., substance abuse and/or mental health counseling), as well as financially contribute to their care once employed. AICs are encouraged to establish partnerships with community agencies to further assist offenders in meeting a multiple of needs.
Treatment Facilities Close contact between Circuit Court Probation staff and the AIC is mandatory to assure compliance with sentencing orders. Oakland County Community Corrections currently contracts with the following treatment facilities.
  • PA511 Eligible (link to PA511 page) no assaultive offense within 5 years
  • Must be sentenced to a term of probation
  • Males and females, 17 years or older
  • Non-assaultive felony offense
  • No cost incurred by the offender however, if the offender is employed, the agencies can charge the offender up to 35% of their income.

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