Adult Treatment Court

Adult Treatment Court

Sentenced - Felony



Program Information

The focus of the Adult Treatment Court is on intervening in substance use/abuse and reducing criminal behavior through intense court supervision and utilization of various recovery and counseling services. The adult treatment program consists of four stages that the offender is required to complete in order to graduate thus avoiding a term of incarceration. All stages will be at least 12 weeks long with the exception of Stage 1 which is 16 weeks long. During the four stages the participant will:

  • comply with court orders and probation rules
  • submit to random drug/alcohol screens as required by the program stages
  • remain alcohol and drug free
  • attend treatment sessions
  • continue payment toward restitution
  • attend bi-weekly status review hearings
  • attend AA/NA
  • seek employment or educational programs as directed and provide documentation of

If the defendant has mental health concerns, these issues will/could be addressed in court after the defendant has completed a mental health evaluation.

  • Oakland County resident
  • Defendant must have transportation
  • Charge must be a non-violent, PA 511 eligible crime
    (PA511 Ineligible Offenses)
  • Defendant must not have a pattern of violence
  • No current Delivery/Manufacturing charges (consideration may be given to past manufacture/delivery cases)
  • Any sentencing guidelines for OUIL III’s, except presumptive prison cells
  • All straddle cell offenders (minimum range is 12 months or less, and the maximum range exceeds 18 months)
  • No presumptive prison cells
    Comprehensive assessment must indicate need for treatment
  • Consideration will be given to Parole Holds
  • If otherwise eligible, may also be considered on a Violation of Probation if sentencing guidelines are 0 – 6 or above.

All final decision for acceptance into the Adult Treatment Court will be determined by the ATC treatment team.

Source Process




  • Court/Judicial System
  • MDOC Probation Department
  • Community Mental Health
  • Defense Attorney
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Pretrial Services Staff
  • Prosecutor
  • Other

Potential candidates for ATC may be referred directly to the ATC Probation Officer or the ATC-MHC Liaison.  All potential referrals are screened for eligibility by the ATC Team.​

  • there is a $150 participation fee
***For further information contact Jacqueline Howes-Evanson at 248.452.2154***