Understanding PA511

Understanding PA511

Michigan's Community Corrections Act

In 1988, State lawmakers enacted Public Act 511 (PA511) which is also referred to as the Michigan Community Corrections Act.  As a result, PA511 established statewide policy and a funding process for locally designed and administered corrections programs that increase the range of sanctions and services for nonviolent offenders.

The act requires the development of alternatives to incarceration that:

  • protect the public,
  • punish the offender,
  • hold the offender accountable,
  • increase restitution to victims of crime,
  • provide needed rehabilitative services (e.g. substance abuse, mental health counseling, job training and placement, and continuing educational opportunities, and
  • utilize valuable jail space for more serious, violent criminals.

The Oakland County Community Corrections Advisory Board (OCCCAB) was successful at securing funding from the State in 1994, for it’s Comprehensive Plan.  Since then, the OCCCAB has developed a strong collaboration and cooperation from all components of the criminal justice system in Oakland County.  The plan is updated each year in order to review the effectiveness of existing programs, as well as to create new programs as needed.  The Oakland County Community Corrections Division provides a wide array of sentencing alternatives for all types of non-violent offenders. 

The program descriptions in this site are intended to be informational.