Step Forward Intake & Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions
Oakland County, MichiganCommunity CorrectionsStep Forward Intake & Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions

Step Forward Intake & Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions of the Oakland County Community Corrections Division's Step Forward Intake and Assessment Program:

As part of my bond condition or sentencing, I am supposed to seek treatment in Step Forward. What do I need to do?

Within 24 hours of receiving the completed referral form from the Court or your Probation Officer, you must call the indicated Step Forward site to schedule your Step Forward Intake appointment.

What do I need to bring to the intake?

You must bring the following:
1.  Either a Driver’s License, a Michigan ID, and/or picture ID
2.  Any prescription medications you are currently taking
3.  Names & numbers doctors/therapists/counselors that you are currently in treatment with
4.  Names & dates of any inpatient and/or outpatient treatment that you have received
5.  Health Insurance card, Medicare/Medicaid/Bridge card(s)
6.  $25 money order made out to OCCCD (we do not accept cash or personal checks)

If I don't have $25 enrollment fee at the time of my intake appointment, should I call and reschedule?

Do not reschedule.  Attend your scheduled intake appointment and payment arrangements will be made at the intake.

What happens at the intake?

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, you will meet with the Intake Case Manager. He/she will have you complete 2 assessments/questionnaires prior to your interview.  Upon completion of your intake and it is determined that you are eligible for Step Forward services, you will be assigned a Step Forward Case Manager and an appointment will be scheduled with your new case manager.

How long will the intake take?

Please plan on 1 ½ to 2 hours for you intake.

I don't speak English well, can I bring an interpreter?

Yes, however, please let us know prior to your appointment that you will be bringing an interpreter.