Step Forward - Frequently Asked Questions
Oakland County, MichiganCommunity CorrectionsStep Forward - Frequently Asked Questions

Step Forward - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions of the Oakland County Community Corrections Division's Step Forward Program:

How does a person become enrolled in the Step Forward program?

An offender must be referred by a Court or Probation Officer.  The court or P.O. will complete a referral form that is forwarded to the Step Forward Office.  Upon receipt of the referral, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment with a Step Forward Intake Case Manager to complete an assessment that will determine if you are eligible for services.  If you are eligible for services, you will be assigned a case manager who will determine your treatment plan.

What if I am not eligible for services?

The Step Forward Intake Case Manager will refer you to other resources for your particular needs.

Do you take cash or a personal check?

We do not accept cash or checks, you must pay with a money order ONLY (made out to OCCCD).

What does my case manager do?

At your initial meeting with your case manager, he/she will discuss your treatment plan based on the results of your intake/assessment.  You will then meet with your case manager on a regular basis.  He/she will monitor your compliance with your treatment requirements and is also available to you for referrals to other resources (employment, etc) or to discuss other treatment issues that may arise during your enrollment in Step Forward. Your case manager is also required to send regular progress reports to the Court or Probation Officer reporting your compliance or non-compliance with your treatment requirements.

How long is treatment?

Most groups are “performance based”, which means you must participate, complete homework assignments, and display that you are grasping/utilizing the concepts being taught to you before moving forward or completing a group. 
The Men’s Domestic Violence group is 52 weeks and the Women’s Domestic Violence group is 36 weeks.