Pretrial Supervision/Electronic Monitoring - Frequently Asked Questions
Oakland County, MichiganCommunity CorrectionsPretrial Supervision/Electronic Monitoring - Frequently Asked Questions

Pretrial Supervision/Electronic Monitoring - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions of the Oakland County Community Corrections Division's Pretrial Supervision/Electronic Monitoring Program:

I have been appointed an attorney, how do I contact this attorney?

The Court Appointed Attorney will meet you at your next court date.


What number do I call for information on someone in the Oakland County Jail?

The telephone number to call to inquire about someone in the Oakland County Jail  is 248.858.1800.


Do I meet with a Pretrial Supervision case manager in person?

You are not required to meet with a case manager in person. However, you must contact your case manager, as specified by telephone once a week. You are required to contact your case manager until you have been sentenced.  PTS/Electronic Monitoring Rules


How do I clear up a warrant?

If you have an outstanding bench warrant, you should turn yourself into the court to be arraigned on the warrant. Be prepared to post bond and receive notification of your next court date.


The court told me that I need to get random testing for drugs/alcohol? Why do I have to call once I am set up with testing?

You are required to report in by telephone as specified by a case manager to ensure that you are complying with your condition of random testing set forth by the court. A case manager will monitor your testing by receiving copies of your results from the drug testing program to make sure you are testing as ordered and refraining from drug/alcohol use. Progress reports are sent to the court regarding your compliance.


How do I get treatment (mental health/substance abuse) when I have no insurance?

If you are in need of services for mental health/substance abuse and you have no insurance, The Office of Substance Abuse, P.A.C.E. Unit, provides services to Oakland County residents. They can be reached at 248.858.5200. If you are a Wayne County resident contact Herman Kiefer at 313.876.4070 for services. For more resources, click here.


What is a tether/electronic monitoring device?

Electronic monitoring is a system of home confinement aimed at monitoring, controlling and modifying the behavior of offenders. The offender wears an electronic bracelet/anklet or other electronic device in accordance with conditions set by the courts. The tethered person is monitored and supervised by a private company and the Community Corrections Pretrial Supervision Unit.  The person must remain in the home under surveillance unless authorized to leave for employment, school, participation in a community treatment program, or similar activities.

There are several types of electronic monitoring devices utilized by Oakland County Community Corrections.  For a full description of each device, click here.


How much does it cost to be on an electronic monitoring device?

Fees vary depending on the device. Call 248.451.2310 then press 5 and ask for the Pretrial Supervision Unit.


Who is responsible for paying the fees for the electronic monitoring devices?


The offender is responsible for all fees. 


Who decides what type of device an offender will be placed on?





The Court determines the type of device.


Can I post bond and pay for the tether simultaneously?

First, the bond must be posted before paying for a tether. Once the bond is posted a relative or friend of the defendant must contact the Community Corrections Tether Unit. A case manager will discuss the tether fees and schedule an appointment for the defendant to be tethered.  Once the date, time, and location for the hookup have been arranged, the relative or friend will meet a representative from the tether company at the jail to pay for the tether.