Register of Deeds Real Property Records

Register of Deeds Real Property Records

Welcome to the Oakland County Real Property Official Records Search. These services will allow you to search the history of property records or obtain recorded property documents.

The Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds is proud to introduce a more efficient way to search for all of your property records - the all-new Super Index. Utilizing Google technology, Super Index provides users with more options and faster search results.

Some advantages of Super Index include:

  • Free search
  • Faster results
  • PDF documents for simplified viewing, saving and printing
  • Full document search (no longer limited to indexed information)

Fees: $6.00 for the first document, $1.00 for each additional document per transaction.

US LAND RECORDS: (formerly known as

This service will still provide the same features as the formerly known to search the history of property records or obtain recorded property documents. Searches may be purchased in bulk packages or one at a time. The fee structure is shown below as well as instructions for registering, performing the search, opening images and printing them.

How to Register: To become a registered user simply fill out the registration form, choose a Member ID and Password for future visits.

Tiff Viewer: A TIFF image plug-in for your browser (Netscape or Explorer) is required for viewing documents. A system test is available at the website to test your browser for the plug-in and to install it on your computer, if needed. You will be able to obtain the entire document for your use. If you need a printout of an image, simply click the print button at the top of your browser window. These documents are unofficial copies but can be used for verification, personal or professional records or documentation backup. Certified copies must be obtained directly from the Register of Deeds Office.

Download your Image Document: For the Download option you may save a copy of the complete document to your local hard drive.


Monthly Members
Monthly members can choose from four search packages. In addition to search fees there will also be a $1.00 per document view fee. You can print documents at no additional fee. Packages are available as:

  • $40.00 per month or 80 searches - whichever comes first.
  • $80.00 per month or 170 searches- whichever comes first.
  • $120.00 per month or 260 searches - whichever comes first.
  • $200.00 per month or 450 searches - whichever comes first.

Pay-Per Access Members
$5.00 per search PLUS a $1.00 per document view fee. You can print documents at no additional fee.


How do I access Who can use the system and how much does it cost?

Anyone may use to view recorded documents filed with the Oakland County Register of Deeds Office. The fees are listed on the main page of

Where do I find Help Topics in

On the main page of for Oakland County there is a 'Search Help' button in the top navigation bar. Help Topics include:

1. Beginning your Search
2. Searching by Name
3. Searching by Document Number
4. Searching by Volume Number
5. Printing your Document
6. Certified Copy of a Document

I can't print the document after I've completed my search. What do I do?

You must install the TIFF viewer by clicking on 'Install TIFF plug-in' on the main page for Oakland County.

How can I tell how many searches I have left on my subscription?

Once you have logged in, click on the search option drop down box. Select Billing Activity. Fill in your 30 day subscription date range and submit. The number of searches you have made to date will show in the box. You may use this option anytime.

When I perform a search, I don't get any results.

Try searching by last and first name only.  Do not check or enter any other information.

How much does it cost to be a pay-per transaction user?

$5.00 per search plus $1.00 per document view/print. You must use a credit card each time you access the system.

What are these $1.00 charges on my credit card?

If you are a monthly member and subscribe to, you will be charged $1.00 for each document you view/print.