Check Fraudulent Claims Against Homeowners

The Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds Office, in conjunction with is pleased to provide this FREE service to homeowners.

Fraudcheck is a free search designed to help individuals verify their own personal land record data in order to fight fraud.  It allows homeowners to see whether any unauthorized documents have been recorded against their property in the Oakland County Register of Deeds Office. Fraudcheck is designed to fight deed and mortgage fraud by allowing you to verify any suspicious documents recorded after you have recorded your deed or mortgage. You may also contact the Register of Deeds office to verify if your property is in jeopardy.



Using the Service

  • Go to to register.
  • Fill in your last and first name and select 'search'.
  • Results will provide any documented information recorded against your name in the Oakland County Register of Deeds Office.  Please note: This service does not include images of the recorded documents.
  • If you notice any unfamiliar dates of recorded documents, please contact the Tract Index Division at 248-858-0596.