Register of Deeds Financing Unit

Register of Deeds Financing Unit

The Financing Unit of the Register of Deeds Office files all Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) documents related to the encumbering of certain personal property that are to become fixtures attached to real estate property.  The State of Michigan Treasury files tax liens on personal property owned by an individual or business firm.  Termination (discharge) of the various filings are filed by the lienor after the debt has been paid and is satisfied.

We also make abstracts, providing copies if requested, of all the filings involving personal property and pertaining to an individual or business firm upon the request of a customer, usually a financial institution or law firm.

Frequently Asked Questions: Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

What are the fees to file a new UCC?

$45.00 to record a UCC (in Financing). This amount includes the fee to record the UCC document in the Real Estate index. The total check amount must include both Financing and Real Estate fees. A complete legal description is required.
These fees apply to:
     Partial Release

Do you carry the new 'National' form?

No, we do not. You may call 517-322-1144 or visit the Secretary of State Uniform Commercial Code Section website. This area will provide information on publications and forms for "Article 9". You may also find forms at local office supply stores.

Do you still take the old 'Financing' forms?

No.  We do not accept old 'Financing' forms or any other non-standard form.  However, we do accept the most current Financing form revised on 07/01/2001.

What are the fees for a Jeopardy Tax Assessment?

$15.00 for filing a Jeopardy Tax Assessment.
This document is an exception to the rule. It does not require a complete legal description because it does not go through Real Estate.

What is your policy for 'search' requests?

We offer two ways to conduct a search.

1. By mail: An initial fee of $12.00 per debtor name. Additional fees may apply for open filings and copies. Once the search is completed, we will bill up to $25.00. However, we must have payment in advance for anything more than $25.00. There is an additional $25.00 fee per debtor name for an expedited search.

2. By phone: Requests are limited to five (5) names and the above associated fees must be paid at time of pick-up.