Tract Index

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The Tract Index Unit of the Register of Deeds Office assists individuals searching the history of ownership of acreage (metes and bounds descriptions), lots in subdivisions, and units in condominiums.  This includes instructing people unfamiliar with the computer system. 

Tract Index has computerized the death certificates, two party papers and surveys for easier retrieval, along with a mortgage tracking system on the computer.  We maintain all of the manual records, which are used by our staff, individuals and title companies who must follow the chain of title for a specific piece of property.  We also maintain an index of all platted subdivisions, which includes the permanent file of plats and smaller-sized copies held in binders for the public.

NEW! - The Tract Index Division is now able to print color maps.  Aerial maps can be printed to show property lines, subdivision lines, lot lines and school districts.  FEMA flood plain prints are also available as well as topographic (elevation) maps.  Images are: 8 1/2 x 11 - $3.00 per page or 11 x 17 - $5.00 per page.

For additional Tract Index information, call 248-858-0596.

Now Available - Aerial Photo Maps for purchase.

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