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The Real Estate Unit of the Register of Deeds Office receives real estate documents that arrive for recording by U.S. Mail, title company drop, electronically, delivery service, or may be presented in person by individual citizens. All documents are completely examined, and if found to meet statutory requirements, are recorded in the public record.

The legal description of the property on the documents must be reviewed and approved by the Sidwell Validation Unit before going to the cashier. The cashier validates each document through the cash register, creating an audit trail and imprinting the date, time, document type, a reception number, liber, and page.

We also serve as a collection agency for Sheriff Deed and Clerk Deed redemptions. When redemption is attempted, statutory requirements are examined and granted only to those having an interest in the property. Monies are accepted and notification of the redemption is made to the grantee. The monies are receipted and delivered to the Treasurer's Office to be held in trust until all of the necessary documents have been completed and a check can be issued to the grantee.

This unit also takes photo orders from customers, in person as well as on the telephone, and makes photos (up to a five-page limit) for counter customers. The phone orders and larger (more than five pages) counter customer orders are sent to Micrographics to be made. When the order has been completed, it's returned to this unit for final disposition - either picked up in person or mailed to the designee.

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