Board of County Canvassers

Board of County Canvassers

Each of the 83 Boards of County Canvassers is composed of two Republican members and two Democratic members. The Board members are responsible for canvassing the votes cast within the county they serve.  The Board members certify elections for local, countywide and district offices which are contained entirely within the county they serve.  The Board members are also responsible for inspecting the county‚Äôs ballot containers every four years and conducting recounts.

Members of the Board of County Canvassers, are as follows:

Heide Oprisiu, Republican Chairperson
Jeanne Deneweth, Democratic Vice-Chairperson
Wilma Cotton, Republican Member
Gloria Harsten-Spann, Democratic Member



November 4, 2015
Notice        Agenda     Minutes

August 5, 2015
Notice        Agenda      Minutes

May 6, 2015
Notice        Agenda      Minutes

February 25, 2015
Notice        Agenda      Minutes


November 5, 2014
Notice        Agenda      Minutes
September 2, 2014
Notice        Agenda      Minutes

August 6, 2014
Notice        Agenda      

May 7, 2014

Notice        Agenda       Minutes
May 2, 2014
Notice        Agenda       Minutes

April 3, 2014
Notice        Agenda       Minutes

February 26, 2014
Notice         Agenda       Minutes 

January 21, 2014
Notice         Agenda       Minutes

November 18, 2013
Notice         Agenda        Minutes
November 6, 2013
Notice         Agenda         Minutes
August 7,  2013
Notice         Agenda        Minutes
May 8, 2013
Notice         Agenda        Minutes
January 23, 2012
Notice         Agenda        Minutes
February 29, 2012
Notice             Agenda             Minutes
May 9, 2012
Notice             Agenda            Minutes
August 8, 2012
Notice            Agenda             Minutes
September 4, 2012
Notice            Agenda            Minutes
September 6, 2012
Notice           Agenda             Minutes
November 7, 2012
Notice           Agenda             Minutes


For copies of official canvassed documents please visit Open Oakland.