County Apportionment Commission

County Apportionment Commission


Oakland County Board of Commissioners Acting as Apportionment Commission

On December 20th, 2011 Governor Snyder signed PA 280 pertaining to county commission apportionment in Oakland County. The Act, in effect, will invalidate the plan adopted by the previous apportionment commission and place the responsibility for drawing new districts with the Board of Commissioners. The Act also reduces the number of county commissioners from 25 to 21.


Members of the County Commissioners� Oversight Committee, are as follows:

David Woodward, (D.) 

Michael Gingell (R, Chair) 

Jeff Matis (R.) 

Shelley Goodman Taub (R) 




April 5,

April 11,

April 13,

Special Meetings to Discuss New District Maps 
Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell has called special meetings of the Republican Caucus to be held on April 5 and April 11, to discuss two maps being considered for the new 21 District Board of Commissioners.  The old Commission was made up of 25 Districts.  Final decision on the 21 new district boundaries will be made at a special meeting of the full Board of Commissioners on April 13, 2012.  All meetings are open to the public.  Meetings will be held at 1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Pontiac, in the Board of Commissioners area of the Courthouse complex (South entrance).






April 13, 2012                Caucus Notice           Meeting Notice        Agenda       Minutes

April 09, 2012                Notice     Agenda       Minutes

April 05, 2012                Notice     Agenda       Minutes       Comparison Report                

March 30, 2012              Notice     Agenda       Minutes 

Republican Caucus :       Map      Description    Report

Amendment 1:                 Map      Description    Report

Democratic Caucus:
       Map      Description    Report

Amendment 1:                 Map      Description    Report

Rules of Procedure    


Adopted Map        Adopted Resolution         



Original County Apportionment Commission (Convening March 2, 2011 - July 11, 2011)

According to State Law, the Oakland County Apportionment Commission is responsible for establishing the Board of Commissioners districts within the County. The County Apportionment Commission consists of the County Clerk, the County Treasurer, the Prosecuting Attorney, and the statutory County chairperson of each of the two political parties whose candidates for Secretary of State received the most votes in the last election for that office.


The Commission members are;


Frank Houston, Chairperson

County Democratic Party Chair


Bill Bullard Jr., Recording Secretary

County Clerk/Register of Deeds


Jessica Cooper, Member

County Prosecutor


Andrew Meisner, Member

County Treasurer


Jim Thienel, Member

County Republican Party Chair


July 11, 2011       Notice    Cancellation Notice

June 29, 2011      Notice     Agenda     Minutes

May 20, 2011       Notice     Agenda     Minutes 

May 16, 2011       Notice     Agenda     Minutes

May 12, 2011       Notice     Agenda     Minutes

May 04, 2011       Notice    Cancellation Notice

April 27, 2011      Notice     Agenda     Minutes

April 21, 2011
      Notice     Agenda     Minutes
March 30, 2011    Notice     Agenda     Minutes
March 21, 2011    Notice  

March 16, 2011    Notice     Agenda     Minutes

March 09, 2011
    Notice     Agenda     Minutes

March 02, 2011    Notice     Agenda     Minutes



Houston:              Map      Description      Report

Amendment 1:      Map      Description      Report

Amendment 2:      Map      Description      Report

Bullard:                Map      Description      Report

 Map      Description      Report

Amendment 1:      Map      Description      Report

Amendment 2:      Map      Description      Report

Meisner:               Map      Description      Report

Thienel:                Map      Description      Report


Adopted Map        Adopted Resolution        District Legal Descriptions

2010 Apportionment Commissioner Plan Comparison Report 

2009 City & Township Population Estimates 

Current County Commission Districts  

Current County Commission Districts, w/Precincts & 2010 Census Population