Set Aside Convictions

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Michigan's new Set Aside Conviction (expungement) legislation, also know as the "Clean Slate" Law, went into effect on April 11, 2021.  Automatic expungements do not go into effect until 2023.  Visit our Set Aside Conviction Resource page for more information on the Clean Slate law.  

How to File for an Application to Set Aside Conviction

If your sentencing has occurred at the 6th Judicial Circuit Court, you will need to file your Application to Set Aside Conviction with the Oakland County Clerk's Office.

1. Follow theseOakland County Set Aside Conviction instructions carefully.

2. Assistance with determining eligibility and to obtain the appropriate application to set aside form(s) for filing can be found at:

  • Visit – Michigan Legal Help is an online interactive process that can help determine if you qualify and will print out the necessary documents to be filed with the Clerk's Office.
  • Visit or call 248-858-5520 – Oakland County Clean Slate Program offered through Oakland County Michigan Works that may be able to provide representation for defendants seeking a set aside.

3. eFile your form(s) to the Oakland County Clerk's Office through MiFILE (Oakland County's eFiling portal).

  • You must register with MiFILE to eFile. Visit our eFiling Resource page to register and for eFiling tips.
  • If you cannot search and find your case in MiFILE, contact us at to have your case added as an eFiling case.

4. Be sure to follow the Oakland County Set Aside Conviction instructions to complete the process.

Other Resources

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Oakland County Circuit Court Set Aside Conviction Resource page - Regarding Clean Slate Laws


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