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New: As of 4/9/2020 eFiling is now available for most case types for case initiation and subsequent filings for domestic cases and criminal cases. Included case types: DC, DM, DO, DP, DS, DZ, ID, FC, FH.

Important: all "D" (domestic) case types require a verified statement to be filed at the time of case initiation except for DO (only required if requesting spousal support). If you do not submit a verified statement when starting your case, you must provide a copy to FOC prior to your first assigned hearing date.

If you have eFiling questions for the Clerk's Office, call 248-464-2908. For technical support call TrueFiling customer care at 1-855-959-8868 or email them at mifile@imagesoftinc.com.

eFiling Guides and Tips

Oakland County's eFiling is hosted by MiFILE (powered by TrueFiling), where court documents of the 6th Judicial Circuit Court shall be eFiled. For Customer Care/Technical Support powered by Truefiling, please email them or contact 1-855-959-8868. For Oakland County Clerk's Office eFiling assistance, please contact 248-452-8643.

Below are a few notable features to MiFILE:

  • Every filer must register. A filer can "connect" with other users to file on behalf of others, to share filing history, and to share payment accounts.
  • If Service is selected during file submission, service on the selected parties is made at the time of submission. The system will generate a Proof of Service document that will be filed into the court file.
  • Payment is applied to the filer's credit card at the time of submission - if a document is rejected, the payment will be refunded.
  • The submitted dated will appear as the "received for filing" time stamped date of the document.
  • Filings that are submitted up to 11:59 pm will be accepted as of that business day. Filings submitted after 11:59 pm on a Friday, or a weekend, or if submitted on a holiday, will be accepted the following business day.
  • Statutory document filing fees are subject to a credit card transaction fee up to 3% - all other documents will not be charged any fees.

For more information regarding MiFILE, see the frequently asked questions below or visit the MiFILE website.

Important eFiling Information:

  • Notice of Mandatory eFiling/Quick Tips
  • Local Administrative Orders regarding mandatory eFiling requirements:
    • AO 2007-3 - (including case initiation) is required on all "A", "C", "P" and "N" case types
    • AO 2010-3 - (after case initiation) is required on all DO case types
  • Information regarding the 6th Circuit Court Business Court implementation.
  • Information on submission of Out-of-State Subpoenas pursuant to MCL 600.2201 et seq.
  • All praecipes on eFiling cases must be submitted through the Oakland County ePraecipe application. There is no fee to use this online service.
  • All summary disposition documents and certain documents are required to be filed with judge's chambers in hard copy. Contact the assigned judge's chambers with any questions.
  • Record of Divorce or Annulment Form - Complete and submit through eFiling along with judgment.
  • Effective December 1, 2019, mandatory e-service of Case Evaluation Summaries. Please note that you should deselect File, allowing for Service only, and add the evaluators and ADR emails per the instructions included in the Case Evaluation Notice. Contact Case Management Office for questions at 248-858-0350.

If you need access to a computer or scanner to participate with eFiling, please visit the Oakland County Clerk's E-Services Center, located in the courthouse next to the County Clerk's Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Sessions for MiFILE

Walk-in training is scheduled below at the courthouse or register here for webinar training presented by ImageSoft. Dates are subject to change.