Coverage Enhancements:

In our effort to improve the in-building and on-the-street coverage of the OakWIN system, CLEMIS is working with Harris to implement a number of additional tower sites.  This expansion will entail the use of two types of OpenSky stations: High Profile sites which are intended to cover relatively large areas, and Cell sites, which are used primarily to fill in coverage "holes" between high-profile sites and improve in-building coverage.
In February, we went live with the first station that is part of this system expansion.  This is a High Profile site located on a broadcast tower in Royal Oak Township, and has dramatically improved coverage within neighboring communities, including Detroit, as well as along Eight Mile Road in the South-East corner of the County.
Beginning in November, 2009, CLEMIS applied for 12 additional FCC licenses, which will authorize us to implement additional sites as part of the expansion of the system.  As of Mid-April, 2010, nine of these applications resulted in license grants.  CLEMIS is currently finalizing lease agreements for these sites, and construction is expected to commence in the very near future.  Three of our applications were rejected by the FCC due to their frequencies being non-compliant with a pending treaty between the US and Canada.  These have been re-submitted using unencumbered frequencies, and are in the process of being reviewed by the coordinating bodies.  One additional application, this one for a Cell Site on Eight Mile Road in Farmington Hills, has also been submitted and is also under review. 

Agencies who will benefit from these additional sites include (but are not limited to) those in Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Madison Heights, Troy and West Bloomfield.
In the mean time, we continue to evaluate the coverage of the OakWIN system and identify areas which may benefit from additional tower sites.

OpenSky Tower Site Inspections:

Motor City Electric Technologies Inc. has been contracted by Oakland County to provide inspections, preventative and reactive maintenance and repair of wireless radio communication tower sites and associated equipment within Oakland County.