CLEMIS Membership Information
Oakland County, MichiganCLEMISCLEMIS Membership Information

CLEMIS Membership Information

Participation in CLEMIS is open to all public safety agencies in Michigan. For information about services included, please visit the Programs & Services page of this site.

Every law enforcement agency in Oakland County participates in CLEMIS. Many agencies from surrounding counties also participate (click on the link below to see current listing of member agencies).

Other agencies such as: Metro Parks, FBI, MSP Intelligence, US Immigrations & Customs Enforcement, Oakland County Prosecutor, Oakland County Circuit Court, and several District Courts inside and outside Oakland County borders are utilizing CLEMIS.

List of Agencies Participating in CLEMIS

Participation Cost
The CLEMIS membership fee is based on the number of sworn officers. The # of officers is adjusted annually according to the annual Fall MCOLES report. The CLEMIS fee is determined by the CLEMIS Advisory Committee and subject to annual review. Agencies outside of Oakland County pay an increased amount * and Invoices are mailed quarterly. See the Financial link for detailed costs / fees.

* The reason that agencies outside of Oakland County pay more than Oakland County agencies is because Oakland County's General Fund subsidizes CLEMIS approximately $1.4 million dollars on behalf of their local law enforcement agencies. Other participating counties do not subsidize their local agencies for CLEMIS services.

Since CLEMIS is a governmental agency that does not make a profit, there are major differences in a vendor's priorities and ours. Our priorities are determined by the agencies who participate in CLEMIS, and we have a budget that has been set by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.

The Board of Commissioners adopted a "Letter of Agreement" with CLEMIS participants that gives law enforcement significant input into our budget, project priorities, and staffing.

Voting Membership on Advisory Committee
One vote is provided to each County representative outside Oakland County. The voting representative for each County must be selected by that County, and they become a full voting member of the Advisory Committee.  The voting membership is limited exclusively to criminal justice agency heads, expressly and legally charged with responsibilities for crime prevention, apprehension, adjudication or rehabilitation of offenders, and the Oakland County Executive.  Eligibility for Law Enforcement representation requires that the agency head represents an agency that participates with CLEMIS at a level of full MICR reporting.

CLEMIS Division
The CLEMIS Division consists of approximately 30 County employees. Contracted personnel are hired as needed. CLEMIS is supported around the clock by the Oakland County Department of Information Technology.