CLEMIS Advisory Committee Elections
Oakland County, MichiganCLEMISCLEMIS Advisory Committee Elections

CLEMIS Advisory Committee Elections

Prior to the annual election of Advisory Committee members, a review is conducted in regard to expiring terms.
The Executive Secretary maintains a record of Advisory Committee members, as two-year terms expire in alternating years. The Executive Secretary discusses the election with the current Chairperson, including any requests by CLEMIS Members to become voting members of the Advisory Committee.
Candidates are nominated to serve as members of the Advisory Committee by the current Advisory Committee members. Nominations are seconded and the practice has been that a unanimous ballot is cast.
Advisory Committee members are usually re-elected if they have personally participated in the meetings and remain active CLEMIS Members.
There has always been an effort to include those agencies who have volunteered the most resources to the various sub-committees and to consider CLEMIS Member heads who personally attend Advisory Committee meetings (not their alternates).

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