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These Training classes are for CLEMIS members only.
4-day Dispatch Training
This training is targeted at those persons whose main job function is dispatching police/fire units. No previous CAD experience is required.
Personnel attending the CAD training class will learn how to use the CLEMIS Computer-Aided Dispatch software as it relates to the performance of their dispatch tasks. They will learn how to log on to the computer program and put units on duty. They will be trained in recording traffic stops their units make, as well as recording any other activities that units may engage in. Dispatchers will be trained in how to enter calls for service and how to assign those calls to responding units. They will learn to enter any information relative to calls for service which they feel should be recorded. They will be trained to search for and retrieve information from previously entered calls for service. Dispatchers will be trained how to remove units from duty, log off of the program and reboot the computer if necessary. They will also be instructed in use of the message system to send messages to field units or other CAD terminals.
One-day Officer Training
This training is targeted for police officers who may be required to dispatch for short periods of time, or infrequently. No previous CAD experience is required.
Officers attending this class will learn how to log onto the CLEMIS CAD system, put units on duty, enter and update calls for service, record traffic stops and other status events units may be busy on, take units off duty and log off the system. Emphasis is placed on using the mouse and minimal computer command line code is utilized for this training.
One-day Administrator Refresher Training
This training is targeted at those system administrators needing a refresher on basic administrator functions relating to the CLEMIS CAD system and those employees doing administrative functions that have not previously attended an administrator training class.
Topics covered include adding, changing, deactivating officers, setting personnel securities, resource contacts, adding common places, adding premise information to addresses, adding or modifying vehicle information, street or intersection alias names and other items required for system administrators to perform necessary tasks.