OakVideo is a project of Oakland County CLEMIS (Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information Systems).

The Oakland County video arraignment project, called OakVideo, is a unique system.

It uses video conferencing equipment to connect district and circuit courts, the prosecutor's office, jail booking facilities, law enforcement agencies and community corrections. OakVideo also provides access to documents critical to each case.

Video communication allows for a substantial reduction in time and money associated with transporting prisoners to and from court for arraignments. The effect, among other benefits, is to minimize offender transport, thereby improving court security and mitigating law enforcement costs.

 What Makes OakVideo Unique?
  • OakVideo enables multipoint communications, meaning that up to four remote sites can connect together to conduct an arraignment. Most systems in-use today have only point-to-point capabilities (one site connecting to only one other site).
  • OakVideo provides Web-based system controls for volume and other features.
  • OakVideo integrates document management.