Moth Suppression Program


The 2022 Oakland County Moth Suppression Grant Program has provided matching grants to cities, villages, and townships to support their efforts in mitigating the impacts of Lymantria dispar, an invasive moth species also known as spongy moth. In September 2021, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners approved a one-time appropriation of $250,000 for the program, which is administered by Michigan State University Extension. Grant applications have been open to municipalities that participated in the required training, and mitigation efforts have kicked off for the 2022 season. Maps related to the program can be found below:

Lymantria dispar, formerly known as gypsy moth, feeds on the leaves of more than 300 species of trees. This invasive pest, which is native to Europe, will heavily or even completely defoliate a tree.

Homeowners who believe they have a Lymantria dispar infestation can request to have their property surveyed by contacting the MSU Extension office at 248-858-0887 or

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