(Pontiac, Michigan, June 23, 2011)-- Oakland County Commissioner John A. Scott rises through the ranks to take the leadership  of the Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments organization (SEMCOG). He will assume the chairmanship of the organization at the June 23, 2011 meeting.  Since January 23, 2009, Commissioner Scott has successfully served as the First Vice Chairman of SEMCOG.


     “I am honored that the members of SEMCOG have elected me to lead this fine organization. I will continue my commitment to work hard for the betterment of the region and build positive relationships with all stakeholders involved. I believe that we must move forward, collectively, for regional growth,” stated Oakland County Commissioner John A. Scott.


     SEMCOG is a regional-planning partnership organization whose membership consists of seven counties, 139 cities, villages, townships, road commissions and twelve educational members representing RESA, ESA ISD’s, two community colleges and the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses. This body controls federal air pollution and road improvement monies in Southeast Michigan.


     Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson stated, “I’m delighted with the news that Commissioner Scott is taking over as SEMCOG Chairman. He will defend Oakland County’s interests vigorously.”


     Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Chairman Michael J. Gingell expressed his support by stating, “I’m proud of Commissioner Scott and his commitment to SEMCOG. The fact that he has been elected chairman of SEMCOG speaks to his knowledge of the issues and his dedication to important organizations, such as SEMCOG.”


     Scott, an 8-year veteran of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners has been a SEMCOG Executive Committee member for many years.


     For more information, call Commissioner John A. Scott at 248-891-9067.