Building Authority

Building Authority

The Oakland County Building Authority was established to finance the construction of local projects through the issuance of limited tax general obligation bonds by the Building Authority. Consistent with Public Act 31 of 1948, the Building Authority may also build, acquire, furnish, equip, own, improve, enlarge, lease, operate and maintain County facilities where a legitimate public purpose of the County is served.

The Board consists of five (5) members, including three (3) members appointed by the Board of Commissioners, who will serve three year terms, the County Executive (L. Brooks Patterson) or a Designee and the County Treasurer (Andy Meisner) or a Designee.

The Building Authority meets every second Wednesday of the month at 9 AM in the Oakland County Facilities Conference Room of the Public Works Building (One Public Works Drive) in Waterford Township. Mileage reimbursement is provided by the County.  

Building Authority's Articles of Incorporation can be downloaded here: Articles of Incorporation 
Building Authority’s by-laws and rules of procedures can be downloaded here: By-La​ws
We are not currently accepting applications.

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