COVID-19 Resources

There are a variety of ways Oakland County residents and businesses can stay updated on issues related to the COVID-19 crisis. The Oakland County webpage is a great resource that is frequently updated with the latest information. If you have a specific concern, use the guide below and select the topic that most fits your needs.

Residents & Communities

Find information about healthy habits like handwashing, social distancing, metal health, travel, older adults and those with higher risk of serious illness, taking care of others and more.


Find information on unemployment, companies that are hiring, financial coaching and more.


Find information on active grant programs, tools for reopening, guidance on essential workforce and more.


Find essential reopening information you need to serve your visitors and staff while helping ensure their safety and request a free “ReOpen Kit.”


Find information on testing, which is available for all residents age 18 and older with or without symptoms.

Modified County Services

Find information regarding county services that have been impacted during the pandemic.