COVID-19 Resources

Oakland County government leaders are working together to meet the challenges of COVID-19.  Below you will find a progress report on Oakland County’s efforts to combat this virus. The Oakland County webpage is a great resource that is frequently updated with the latest information. If you have a specific concern, use the guide below and select the topic that most fits your needs.

Residents and Communities

Oakland County residents are not alone during this crisis, and we’re working non-stop to keep individuals and families safe. In the past six months the county has dedicated:

community non profits.png$10 million in assistance distributed through grants to local community non-profit organizations

community assistance incl LE.png$35 million in assistance to local communities for the costs related to COVID-19, including law enforcement and first responders, improving senior centers and libraries

vet grants.png$1 million in grants to assist veterans and veteran organizations with COVID-19 financial impacts

cultural institutions.png$2 million to support cultural institutions with unexpected COVID-19 costs

question mark.pngResources in your community

Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency 

Call 248-542-5860 for emergency assistance

Veterans Grants
Call 248-858-0785 for emergency financial assistance for Oakland County veterans, service members and eligible family members

Housing Aid
Call 248-858-0730 for more information about a one-time grant is for eligible Oakland County residents 

Legal Aid
Call 888-783-8190 to reach Lakeshore Legal Aid, a not-for-profit law firm 

Businesses and Workers

County leaders have been working together to develop programs and assistance for businesses and workers in need, including:

direct aid business grants.pngProviding direct aid in the form of grants to businesses: 
    • $14 million to 3,500 local community small businesses
    • $32 million to assist retail, restaurants and other personal service industry businesses recover
    • $11 million for manufacturers to retool to produce PPE

reopen toolkits.pngDistributing 15,000 re-open toolkits to local businesses and organizations 

financial coun and hotline.pngFunding a $300,000 program for financial counselors to assist residents with unemployment issues

question mark.pngResources in your community

Digital ReOpen Kit
Go to for digital tools related to multiple industries 

Virtual Career Workshops
Go to click on “Virtual Career Workshops” to see the full calendar

Advantage Oakland
Go to for the most up to date information on available grants for businesses and much more 

Looking for more resources for businesses, click here. More worker-related resources are available here.

Giving our schools the resources they need to provide a safe and responsible learning environment is a top priority. The County has taken the following steps:

28 mil for schools.pngApproved $28 million in grant funding to be distributed to Oakland County schools to provide relief for COVID-19
costs and assist with re-opening plans

PPE.pngDistributed more than 100,000 pieces of PPE to educators and school personnel

school nurses.pngProvided 68 school nurse liaisons to assist schools with COVID-19 prevention strategies and re-opening guidance 

financial coun and hotline.pngApproved the “Safe for School” partnership with Beaumont Health to provide a free hotline for parents of school age children to call for COVID related questions 

question mark.pngResources in your community
To call the Safe for School Hotline, parents and guardians can dial 248-551-4242 from 5 a.m.- 8 a.m. Monday-Friday through December 30 to receive guidance on COVID-19 concerns or be referred to a healthcare provider for additional follow-up as necessary
Oakland County has provided support for local communities, individuals and families throughout this crisis, including:

Distributed more than 2.3 million pieces of PPE (personal protective equipment) to frontline workers in hospitals, law enforcement, schools and other organizations.

contact tracing.pngEffectively used contact tracing to help contain the spread of COVID-19, including training 80 contact tracers to follow up with those who were in close contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

county health resources.pngAssembled additional County Health Resources including:
    • Covid-19 Testing - Drive through testing is available by appointment through Oakland County at locations in Southfield, Pontiac and Farmington Hills. Contact Nurse on Call at 800-848-5533 for more information. 
    • Flu Vaccine Shots and High Dosage Vaccine Shots for Seniors - Shots are available from the Health Department at the North and South Health Centers by appointment only. The cost of a flu vaccine shot is $24 and the high dosage shot for seniors is $54. Call 248-848-1302 for more information or to schedule your appointment.
    • COVID-19 Health Questions - Contact Oakland County Nurse on Call at with your COVID-19 health related questions at 1-800-848-5533.

Resources in your community

COVID Help Hotline
If you are struggling with the effects of COVID-19, Oakland County's special hotline is available at 248-858-2110 or if you need additional assistance

Common Ground Mental Health & Crisis Intervention Aid
Call 1-800-231-1127

Food, Transportation & Household Utilities
Dial 2-1-1

Honor Health 
Call 248-897-0722 for behavioral, primary & dental health throughout Oakland County 

For more health and safety resources, click here.

Find information regarding county services that have been impacted during the pandemic.