2014 Youth in Government Day

2014 Youth in Government Day

Youth in Government Day gives Oakland County high school students an opportunity to gain insight on how county government works. At this year’s event, students had the opportunity to meet elected officials, learn about the political process, the different departments that make up county government and learn about the roles county government plays in their daily lives. Students met Deputy County Executive Phillip Bertolini and attended a Board of Commissioners Finance Committee meeting. For the first time, students were able to text or tweet in real-time their questions to the Board of Commissioners during the Q&A portion of the program. They ate lunch with the Board of Commissioners and special guests: County Clerk Lisa Brown, County Treasurer Andy Meisner and Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash, who addressed the students, telling them about their departments. Students were given tours of the courtroom of Circuit Court Chief Judge Nanci J. Grant and the Oakland County Sheriff and Homeland Security units. Students were educated on the use of sheriff and homeland security equipment that was on display. The students also watched a K-9 unit presentation as part of this years event demonstrating NACO's theme “Ready and Resilient Counties: Prepare. Respond. Thrive”. 

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners received national recognition for the Annual Youth in Government in Celebration of National County Government Month in 2013. Commissioners Mattie Hatchett and Shelley Goodman Taub received the special recognition at the NACo Conference last year in Texas view photo here. The Youth in Government Day program was also featured in the February 2014 National Association of Counties "County News", and was highlighted as one of three model programs in the nation.
  • Ferndale High School
  • Milford High School
  • Novi High School
  • Pontiac International Academy
  • Rochester Adams of Rochester Hills
  • Royal Oak High School
  • Southfield Regional Academy
  • Walled Lake Central
  • Walled Lake Northern
  • Walled Western
  • Lakeland High School of White Lake


Commissioner Weipert sat with Milford Students at Youth Day and watched the special Powerpoint presentation and Finance Committee Meeting.

Students filled the seats in the Board of Commissioners' Auditorium as they watched the Finance Committee meeting and participated in a Q&A session with their commissioners. Pictured in front row from left-right are students: Michael Mazza, Rochester Adams; Noel Waterman, Pontiac ITA; and Christopher Davis, Pontiac ITA.

Students tweeted and texted questions, in real-time, to Commissioners during the Youth Day Question and Answer session.

Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis encouraged Youth Day Students to text their questions to the commissioners during the Oakland County Board of Commissioners Finance Meeting. Commissioners look on and respond to questions.


Deputy County Executive/ CIO Phil Bertolini speaks to students about technology and Oakland County during the 34th Annual Youth in Government Day event. 
Walled Lake Western students with State Representative Hugh D. Crawford, Oakland County Commissioner Phil Weipert,  students: Khalea Leyraud-Booth, Desmond Bouey, Christina Lee and Saja Hussein, Walled Lake Western Teacher Paulette Loe, Oakland County Commissioner Christine Long and Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis.

Walled Lake Northern students pictured left to right with Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis, State Representative Hugh D. Crawford and Walled Lake Northern Assistant Principal Charles Froning are students: Emma Felhandler, John Konicki and Jeremy Makkonen with Commissioner Christine A. Long.

Walled Lake Central students pictured left to right with Oakland County Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis, State Representative Hugh D. Crawford, students: Austin Berryman, Steven Hoef and Edward Noon with Commissioner Christine A. Long, not pictured Oakland County Commissioner Philip Weipert .


Rochester Adams High School students pictured left to right: Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis,  Rachel Stadwick, Natalie Stadwick, David Roy, Michael Mazza and Chaperone Ms. Ann Marie Roy.

Oakland County Commissioner Janet Jackson with Southfield Regional Academy Campus Students and Teacher Ms. Tiffany Johnson, and Oakland County Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis with students: William Bowens, Gregory Bowler, Tori Melton, Channeice Clarke, Jamal Arrington, Lea Smith, Gabriella Nelson, Renisha Thomas, Serenity Traylor and Reginald Johnson. Not pictured Commissioner Nancy Quarles, who met with students from her district.  
Ferndale High School students pictured with Commissioner Helaine Zack in the middle, Assistant Principal in back Shaun Butler and Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis in front surrounded by students: Nate Brisson-Fast, Karly Wilson, Kerry Sanders, Hylee Souder, Bennie Buckner, Truelove Arhin, Madeline McGill, Jacob Keller, Madeline Keller, Zach New, and Haley Jackson. 


Novi High School students pictured with Michigan State Representative Hugh D. Crawford, are students: Asritha Vinnakota, Josh Stotler, Dan Dixon, Adhhitya Mahesh, Jon Lacross, Weston Cagle, Zoe Psiakis, Aldo Dino, Jeffrey Chang, Momoko Watanabe, Kunj Goenka, Julia Linton, Kaei Li, Nikhil Sarilla and Tanner Vincent and Oakland County Board of Commissioners Vice Chairman Jeff Matis.

Royal Oak students pictured with Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis, in back, with students Royal Oak Commissioner David Woodward and Royal Oak Teacher Kimberly Gogola. Students pictured are:  Ryan Bills, Alex Morris, Julia Woodford, Josh Perkey, Eric Vaitkevicius, Sarah Brittanm Carly Ryan, Natalie Bradford, Josh Kelly, and Brendan Beerer.

Milford students pictured with Oakland County Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis, Commissioner Bob Hoffman, Teacher Kyle McGrath, Commissioner Jim Runestad and Commissioner Philip J. Weipert. Students pictured are: Josh Miller, Matt Beaziey, Josh Cich, Mike Hattar, Matt Stevenson, Rachel McAuliffe, Sam Johnson, Julia Kubak, Catrina Malysz, Molly Standar, Dillon Kesto, Jasson Ventura, Hal Richmond, Kody Roberts, Joe Darish, Daniela Allen, Jackie Pothier, Briana Bailey, Valerie Russell and Joey Kingstad.


Pontiac students pictured with Oakland County Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis, Teacher Marcus McDaniel, Commissioner Mattie McKinney Hatchett,  Commissioners Thomas F. Middleton and Commissioner John A. Scott. Students pictured are: Wendy Saucedo, Demar C. Rivas, Lily Vang, Macoya A. Midgett, Tatyana Watkins, Qinhua Ruan, Chassity L. Parker, Jhmal D. Hazard,  Shauki M. Jenkins, Dwan A. Reese, Maia J. McKeeverm, Justin B. Broussard, Arelle M. Hamilton, Ja' Mar T. Antwine and Ryan D. Rowan.

Pontiac ITA students pictured with Oakland County Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis, Commissioner Mattie McKinney Hatchett and ITA teacher Ms. Eloise Williams, in back, Oakland County Commissioners Thomas F. Middleton and John A. Scott, along with ITA students: Christopher Davis, Darryl Granberry, Jada Humphrey, Michael Hucherson, Alante Joyner, Kiara Louris, Steven Martinez, Lauje Scott, Lana Ton and Noel Waterman.


Students from Lakeland High School pictured with Oakland County Commissioner Bob Hoffman, in back teacher Brian Howe,  Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad, Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis and Oakland County Commissioner Christine A. Long. Students pictured are: Hannah Szajner, Breanna Kornatowksi, Joshua Sackleh, Isabella Busby-Priest, Bradley Govan, Amber Ragnoli, Lauren Balagna, Rahcel Wolfe, Nate Shureb, Kyel Thornsbury, Logan Kroezen,  Margo Masserman, Jacob Osborne, Austin Leonard, Bailey Kowalski, Nick Miller, Rachel Goldman, Ross Heiman, Joshua Smith and Michell Velazquez.

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash addresses students at the Youth in Government Day Luncheon.

Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds, Lisa Brown, speaks to students at the Youth in Government Day Luncheon.


Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner was introduced by Oakland County Commissioner Mattie McKinney Hatchett at the Youth in Government  Day Luncheon.

Vice Chairman Jeff Matis engages with students from Rochester Adams High School during the Youth in Government Day luncheon.

Commissioner Woodward gives "2 thumbs up" as he talks with students from Royal Oak High School during the Youth in Government Day Luncheon.

At the 34th Annual Youth in Government Day Chief Judge Nanci J. Grant spoke with students about an array of issues including social media. She encouraged them to be wise about what they post and explained the legal ramifications as well as the impact that misuse of social media and cellphones can have on their lives long range.

Students filled the courtroom of Chief Judge Nanci J. Grant during the 34th Annual Youth in Government Day program. 

 At the 34th Annual Youth in Government Day program, students were given insight on the law enforcement arm of the county. Pictured are students with Oakland County Sheriff's K-9 Unit. In the back, pictured are vehicles of the Oakland County Sheriff and Homeland Security which students toured.


K-9 Unit demonstrated the training practices and how the dog responds to commands.

Royal Oak students Alex Morris, Josh Perkey and Ryan Bills with Oakland County Sheriff Deputy Mark Hickson pictured next to the SWAT Humvee.

Students toured the Oakland County Sheriff Bearcat vehicle.