2013-2021 Oakland County Commission Districts
Oakland County, MichiganBoard of Commissioners2013-2021 Oakland County Commission Districts

2013-2021 Oakland County Commission Districts

Follow These Steps to Find Your Commissioner:

Step 1:  

Look at the map below, and determine the general area where you live.  
For example, if you think you live in what looks like District 1, click on the
District 1 link below the map.  You will be taken to a street map of District 1. 

Step 2: Look for the street where you reside.  If you see your street, you know you live in District 1.  However, if you do not find your street, go to Step 4.
Step 3: If you can't read the street names, go to your browser's VIEW menu and zoom in to 400%, or the maximum your browser allows.  This will make
reading the street names very easy.
Step 4:

Only follow this step if you didn't find your street in the district 
you clicked on:

  • Go back to the page with the map of the entire county by using your browser's back button
  • Click on an adjacent district link to see if you can find your street there. For example, you live on what looks like the border between District 1 and District 4.
  • If you didn't find your street in District 1, click on the District 4 street map to see if you can find your street there. If you don't find your street there, try another adjacent district. 

 District 01
Michael J. Gingell

District 02
Robert Hoffman

District 03
Michael Spisz

District 04
Thomas Middleton 

District 05
John A. Scott

District 06
Eileen T. Kowall

District 07
Christine Long

District 08
Philip J. Weipert

District 09
Hugh D. Crawford

District 10
David E. S. Bowman

District 11
Robert Gosselin

District 12
Shelley Goodman Taub

District 13
Marcia Gershenson

District 14
William Dwyer

District 15
Jeff Matis

District 16
Wade Fleming

District 17
Nancy L. Quarles

District 18
Helaine Zack

District 19
Dave Woodward

District 20
Gary R. McGillivray

District 21
Janet Jackson