Pictures from 2011 Youth in Government Day, Continued
Oakland County, MichiganBoard of CommissionersPictures from 2011 Youth in Government Day, Continued

Pictures from 2011 Youth in Government Day, Continued

Students recite the Pledge of Allegiance 
As the day's events began, students and commissioners alike recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board Vice Chair Jeff Matis addresses the students 
Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis greeted area students with a brief overview of how the Board of Commissioners is structured, and how it works.

Students observe presentations by Vice Chair Jeff Matis and County Treasurer Andy Meisner 
Students watched intently as Vice Chairman Matis' made his presentation, and listened as Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner followed with an explanation of the workings of county government in general, and his office in particular (below).

County Treasurer Andy Meisner speaks to students 

Ron Kagan, Director of the Detroit Zoo, speaks to students 
A surprise speaker on the 2011 YIG Day was Zoo Director Ron Kagan, who was on hand to appear at the actual BOC Planning and Building Committee meeting, which took place as students looked on.

The meeting was chaired by Commissioner David Potts (below), who in this photo answers a student's question during a Q&A session.

Commissioner David Potts answers a question from students 

Commissioner Christine Long explains a meeting agenda to students 
After students watched an actual commission committee meeting, they held three meetings of their own:  a Finance Committee meeting, Public Services, and General Government (seen above).  Explaining the agenda is Commissioner Christine Long, who chairs the BOC General Government committee. 

In front of Commissioner Long is Commissioner Marcia Gershenson, who checks her notes on the topic of the day, the exploding number of home foreclosures in Oakland County.

Standing in the background is the Administrator of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, Jim VerPloeg.

Commissioner Tim Greimel hosts the Youth in Government luncheon 
Commissioner Tim Greimel was the host for lunch for Youth in Government day participants in the Courthouse cafeteria.  He introduced the day's guest speakers, starting with County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, who spoke to students about the dangers of "Sexting" and other technology-related temptations and crimes.
Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper speaks to students 
Speaking next was a representative of Water Resources Commissioner John McCullogh's office, Chip Tischer.  He explained the importance of the duties of the Water Resources Commissioner.
Chip Tischer of the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's office speaks to students 
The final speaker was Laurie Van Pelt, the Oakland County Management and Budget Director.  She went over the county's financial situation and laid out some expectations for the future.
Oakland County Management and Budget Director Laurie Van Pelt speaks to students 



Oakland County Board Chairman Michael Gingell, Commissioners Mattie Hatchett, Tim Greimel, and Shelley Taub, Board Vice Chair Jeff Matis with students and teachers from Pontiac area schools 
After lunch, Oakland County Commissioners presented certificates to students who participated in the day's events.  These students are from the Pontiac area.

Pictured left to right: Oakland County Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell, Commissioner Mattie McKinney Hatchett, Students from International Technical Academy, teacher Eloise Williams, students, Commissioner Tim Greimel, Commissioner Shelley Goodman Taub and Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis.

Students pictured are: LeAnna Ovalle, Nency Yang, Sara Gondalez-Ouitero, Alicia Jernagin, Mar'rion Simms, Ar'Tejah Howard, Jazmyn Ewing, Courtland Sargent, Daniel Thorris.

Oakland County Board Chair Michael Gingell, Vice Chair Jeff Matis, and Commissioner Janet Jackson with students and teachers from Southfield Lathrup 
Oakland County Commissioners present certificates to Southfield Lathrup students recognizing their participation in the annual Youth in Government Day leadership program.

Pictured left to right: Oakland County Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell, Commissioner Janet Jackson,  students with teacher Matthew Hirvela, and Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis (far right, rear). Students participating are Phuong Le, Ronald Harris, Brandon Moody, Edward Buie II, Malik Johnson, Jeremy Rice, Jasmine Newkirk, Maiya Brown, Sylvia Barnes, and Damia Doss.


Milford High School students make a presentation to the Board 
Here, Milford High School Students Josh Merle and Gus Kemper present the findings of their Committee to the full Youth in Government Board on the topic of the day:  The Foreclosure crisis that is growing in Oakland County.


Commissioners Gary McGillivray and Robert Gosselin with students from Troy Athens 
Troy Athens students attended the Annual Youth in Government Day Program.  Here, they are about to receive their leadership certificates.  Pictured, left to right, are Oakland County Commissioner Gary McGillivray, student Eric Reid Vandekerkhove,  Oakland County Commissioner Robert Gosselin, and students Madison Frances Ross and Melissa Lynn.


Commissioners Bill Dwyer and Jim Nash, Vice Chair Jeff Matis with students and teachers
Pictured are Oakland County Commissioner Bill Dwyer, Vice Chairman Jeff Matis, Harrison Teacher Mike Wolschleger in back, a student, Commissioner Jim Nash, another student and Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell.

Students pictured are: Rae Alonzo, Tanej Mukkatira, Chris Massey, Stephanie Green, John Clark, Jamie Coleman, Fred Hannah, Chase Barnes, Aleah Bell, and Connor Rubin.


Board Chair Mike Gingell, Commissioners Beth Nuccio and Thomas Middleton, Vice Chair Jeff Matis with students from Lake Orion High School 
Pictured left to right: Oakland County Board Chairman Mike Gingell, Commissioner Beth Nuccio, Lake Orion High School Teacher Kevin Kopec, Lake Orion students and Oakland County Commissioner Thomas F. Middleton with Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis. 

The students were presented with certificates for their participation in the leadership program.


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