Misty Blues

Misty Blues

All Woman Skydiving Team


RV-8 “Hammerhead”

Pilot: Galen Killam


“The Raptor” - Highly Modified #Pitts

Pilot: Stephen Covington

plane flying

Super Stearman "Big Red" - Barnstorming America

Pilot: Susan Dacy

plane doing spins in the air

Extra 300L - High Energy Aerobatic Monoplane with Taildragger

Pilot: Michael Vaknin

"Prometheus the Flying Machine" - Modified Pitts Special Bi-Plane

Pilot: Skip Stewart

Static Display

Please Note:

All military and emergency response static aircraft appearances may change or be canceled without notice. These are all active aircraft subject to operational demands.
university of michigan helicopter

Pictured: University of Michigan Survival Flight Helicopter


Quick Tips

  • Be flexible
  • Dress appropriately for weather
  • All media devices welcome
  • Age Requirements
  • Passenger must be mobile
  • If health concerns, consult your doctor


two planes and two helicopters
  • COST:  Aircraft & Helicopter Rides are $45/per person
  • Diamond DA40 Aircraft - 4 Seats with Glass Cockpit
  • Cessna 172 - 4 Seats
  • Robinson R-44 Helicopters (White Pine Helicopters)
  • R-44 Raven 2 Helicopter (Michigan Helicopters)