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Oakland/Southwest Airport (Y47)

osa.jpgFormerly New Hudson Airport, Oakland/Southwest Airport began operating in 1946 as a training facility for war veterans interested in pursuing their pilot's licenses under the G.I. bill.

The County acquired the airport in August 2000 after purchasing the 83 acres of property for $3.6 million, with 95 percent of the cost covered by a grant from the state of Michigan. The other 5% of the purchase price came from the County's Airport Fund.

The addition of Oakland/Southwest Airport gives Oakland County three first-class airports, more than any other county in Michigan. This newest complement to the County's airport arsenal will serve the aviation needs of southwest Oakland residents for many years to come.​​​

Oakland/Southwest Airport staff members do not have arrival and departure information available.

 You will find that your visit to the airport will be more enjoyable if you are familiar with where you will be meeting your party or aircraft prior to arriving at the airport.

Information that will help us help you:

  • N-number or tail number of your arriving or departing aircraft
  • Know where at the airport you will meet your party
  • Contact name and phone number of someone who could help you locate your aircraft/party​