History of OCIA

‚ÄčThe beginning of Oakland County International Airport (PTK) occurred in November 1928 with the purchase of 160 acres by the City of Pontiac. An additional 80 acres were acquired within a year and construction of the first hangar began in 1930.

In June of 1929, the field was dedicated by the Pontiac Junior Chamber of Commerce in the memory of Harry Joseph Brooks, Oakland County's pioneer of aviation.

On February 11, 1930 the airport became the first in the nation to win an A-1-A rating from the U.S. Department of Commerce, which then had charge of the aviation industry.

As time passed and the aeronautics industry grew in sophistication, so too did the then Pontiac Municipal Airport.  Located essentially in the middle of the county, the airport has always served Oakland County as a whole -- more than just the City of Pontiac.

Oakland County acquired the 482 acre airport from the City of Pontiac in 1967 in exchange for the Old Masonic Temple building in downtown Pontiac on Saginaw and Lafayette streets.  Over the years the airport has grown into a thriving complex that is nationally recognized for the safe, effective and efficient aviation services it provides.

In 1999 Oakland County International Airport ranked as 27th busiest airport in the nation with 356,573 takeoffs and landings.  It is ranked the nation's fourth busiest reliever airport and fifth busiest general aviation airport.

Full time U.S. Customs service became available beginning January 2, 1996.  Customs service had been available at the airport on a limited basis since 1990, with planes having to call three hours prior to arrival to schedule the service.  Flights were refused the service approximately 40 percent of the time.  Now two customs officers are on duty at the airport Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.  The number of international flights has more than tripled since full-time customs service began at the airport with an average of 180 international flights per month in 2000.

A "green" terminal was completed in 2011.

Yearly Traffic 1956-2019