Snow Removal Equipment

broom_3_ssm.jpgThe latest addition to the Airport's equipment is expected to revolutionize snow removal on the airfield.  "Good" runway conditions with 2" of snow can quickly change to "fair" when a snow plow blade is used to remove the minimal snowfall.  As the snow plow blade scrapes the asphalt it can leave an ice glaze requiring Airport staff to spread sand on the runways in order to obtain acceptable braking conditions. ‚Äč

broom_3_front_ssm.jpgThe Oshkosh H-Series along with the M-B Companies 20' broom allows the snow to be swept from the runway leaving the surfaces snow and ice free. This state-of-the-art equipment can clear 3-4" of snow while traveling up to 45 mph.

Unlike other airports, Oakland County International Airport does not close its runways for snow plow operations.  Runways are maintained between aircraft needing to land or take off.