Noise Abatement

noise_countours.jpgOakland County International Airport has developed a Noise Abatement program in an effort to be responsive to the concerns of our neighbors and to continue to provide an excellent facility for your use. The purpose of this program is to minimize the impact of aircraft operations at OCIA on the surrounding communities.

Fly Quiet Pilot Information

Please help to reduce sound levels by participating in the Oakland County International Airport Fly Quiet Program. To participate, when practical, possible and feasible, aircraft operators are advised to use the following measures: 

  • Jet aircraft operators are asked to depart using the NBAA departure procedures for each aircraft. These procedures specify that aircraft cut power to a lower power level during departures. The procedures are established per aircraft type.
  • The areas off both ends of the runways, and to both the north and south of the airport are noise sensitive. These areas all contain residential development, along with other noise sensitive uses. Pilots are asked to avoid over-flying noise sensitive land uses to the extent possible, consistent with the safe operation of the aircraft.
  • Nighttime operations are especially intrusive to noise sensitive uses surrounding the airport and every effort should be made to avoid over-flying such uses during nighttime hours.
  • Pilots are encouraged to "Fly Quiet and Fly Friendly" as much as practical.
​Noise Abatement measures in no way take precedence over Air Traffic Control instructions. Please exercise safety at all times. Aircraft operators are an integral component in the overall success of this program. We would like to thank you for your participation and commitment to the program.